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"In the realm of sound, healing frequencies embrace our wounds and mend our spirits"

"In the realm of sound, healing frequencies embrace our wounds and mend our spirits"


What is a sound bath?

Contrary to the suggested word, a sound bath does not involve water. Rather, it is a profound form of deep meditation that incorporates a variety of sounds, such as singing bowls and gongs. By immersing yourself in these soothing sounds, a state of calm is encouraged, allowing the gentle waves and vibrations to wash over you and facilitate deep relaxation, often leading to a meditative state.

The effects of a sound bath are often described as transformative, inducing profound relaxation and a sense of bliss. Embedded within this therapeutic practice, sound therapy has been utilised to address a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, physical and emotional pain, high blood pressure, chronic stress, sleep deprivation, and disorders. It serves as a truly rewarding addition to your self-care arsenal, particularly in these times when prioritising personal well-being is more essential than ever before.

How often have you heard the reminder to prioritise self-care? It’s been said that taking care of oneself should come first. After all, if your cup is empty, how can you give to others?

how can i best prepare for a sound bath experience?

Surprisingly, very little is required on your part. However, we do recommend setting a clear ‘intention’ before immersing yourself in the soothing sounds. Whether it’s physical or emotional pain, or a stressful situation that weighs on your mind, hold your intention firmly as you settle down for your blissful sound bath session.

During a sound bath, the powerful vibrations and harmonious tones can stir profound and unexpected reactions in some individuals. Feelings of sadness, panic, or sorrow may arise, as these are often deeply rooted emotions hidden in the depths of the unconscious. Yet, fear not, for these emotions have come to the surface to be acknowledged and released.

By embracing these emotions and allowing them to be unveiled during the sound bath, you are taking a vital step towards resolution. Through the transformative power of sound, you have the opportunity to release these emotional burdens, allowing them to dissipate and freeing yourself from their grasp.

Each sound bath experience is truly unique and can never be replicated. The outcome depends on a variety of factors, including your emotions at the time of the session, the therapist’s energy, their intuitive approach, the energies present in the room, and your overall state of being. Embrace the beauty of this individuality as you immerse yourself in the transformative journey of each sound bath encounter.


For Reiki treatments: When bones are broken, a client should not receive Reiki treatment until the bone is set. Reiki treatments involve moving the body’s natural healing energies back into balance, which could potentially cause the broken bone to begin healing quickly before it has been set properly.

While sound baths are generally beneficial for most individuals, certain situations require special consideration. If you have sound-related epilepsy or have received treatment/medication for any recent psychological disorder, we kindly ask you to contact us before booking your sound bath experience. 

Pregnancy:  There are many theories on this subject, but for a deeper insight, have a read of this beautifully written blog from a sound bath loving Mother of 5!

Metal Implants: While sound therapy is typically gentle in its approach to healing, it’s worth noting that individuals with metal implants (excluding tooth fillings) are advised to be cautious. Although most participants will benefit from the therapy, there is a chance that some might experience discomfort due to the vibrations interacting with their metal implants.

Pacemakers and Electronic Devices: Individuals with pacemakers or other electronic medical devices should refrain from attending sound bath sessions. The electromagnetic fields produced by sound bath instruments may interfere with the functioning of these devices.

Sound therapy may affect individuals differently depending on their health status, and it’s essential to ensure safety and suitability for each individual.


These suggestions are entirely focused on ensuring your utmost comfort during the session, and it’s entirely up to you whether you choose to incorporate some, all, or none of them. Keep in mind that you’ll be lying still for an hour, and a hard wooden floor can become slightly uncomfortable over time. Particularly during the colder months, it is recommended to bring something more substantial to lie on, ensuring a pleasant experience throughout.  

Consider the following items to enhance your comfort:


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